Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
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Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun


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Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is a realtime tactical computer game created by Mimimi Productions. The game-play is similar to Commandos and Desperados series, where the player must infiltrate guarded enemy facilities. The player commands up to five characters (ninjas) and use them to silently attack and eliminate his enemies in order to complete the mission. Each enemy guard has a cone vision, which is common for this kind of games. Using stealth tactics, player can avoid fight with large groups of guards and slowly advance in his missions.

Shadow Tactics Gameplay

As mentioned above, the Shadow Tactics game-play is a ninja stealth real-time tactical video game. The player should avoid the enemies cone vision and follow mission objectives. The game environment provide better details than these of the Commandos games. Player can interact with some surrounding objects such as vases and icicles and use them to create noise distraction and even kill enemies. Each character from the player’s team has special abilities, which makes it suitable for certain tasks. Every one of them carry firearms, but only Mugen’s hand cannon is powerful enough to kill samurai.

Shadow Tactics Characters

During the game the player may possess up to five characters in his team. Player can combine them in a way to  take advantage of their unique abilities.

  • Hayato – an agile ninja and one of the team leaders. Hayato is advanced sword and shuriken master. He is a silent killer with stealth movements.
  • Mugen – a powerful samurai who can defeat several non-samurai guards at once. He can lift heavy objects and is the only character capable to fight against other samurai in melee.
  • Yuki – she is a master of traps and decoys. She can attract guards towards her location with her flute.
  • Aiko – a master of camouflage who can disguise as geisha or priestess and distract enemies
  • Takuma – an advanced sniper who strike down the enemies from a distance

Shadow Tactics Features

  • Characters diversity – may play as five different heroes with their unique skill set
  • Challenging missions – conquer challenges where you are outnumbered dozens to one
  • Tactics – use different tactics to eliminate your enemies and complete the mission.
  • Graphics and Environment – experience nice graphics and explore beautiful environments in Japan back to the ancient Edo era
  • Difficulty settings – choose from three different difficulty options



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