Grand Ages: Rome

Grand Ages Rome
Grand Ages: Rome
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Grand Ages: Rome


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Grand Ages: Rome is a great Real-time strategy (RTS) game. Here you will take all kinds of different roles and tasks like: research, construction, expand and conquest. From simple mayor till a mighty ruler, you will make a series of hard choices in order to expand and control huge territories. The game is developed by Haemimont Games and published by Kalypso Media. During the game you will deal with tough strategic decisions and choose side between the rivals Caesar and Pompey. While the Rome stays on a brick of a new era you must take a part of historical events and rule your cities and expand your territorials.

Grand Ages: Rome Features

  • Advanced Battle System – Grand Ages provide exciting RTS battle system where you take control of 18 different military units. Command armies from elephant cavalrymercenary forces and naval units
  • Complex Economy – tedious micromanagement is eliminated by resources flow. Powerful information overlays visualize city economy and people satisfaction.
  • Powerful Multiplayer system – Several (six) different strategy modes – play competitively or cooperatively. You can play against unknown players with similar experience levels or create friends lists and challenge them on battle. Collect points and increase your game rank from praetor to consul and beyond.


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