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Bloodborne is an action RPG game developed by Japanese developer FromSoftware. The game is exclusive creation for Sony PS4 and doesn’t follow the Souls series. The Bloodborne story line is about the player character, the Hunter, who is fighting against different beats and creatures. The game action is through Victorian era in Gothic city of Yharnam. The city inhabitants are affected by an abnormal blood-borne disease and our hero’s objective is to terminate the plague and safe the city.


The game-play is from third person perspective and the fighting mechanics is similar to hack and slash games. Players control customizable characters with variety of weapons and items. The gameplay focuses on weapon-based combat, exploration and quests. During the game, players are able to interact with different characters, collect items and participate into quick intensive battles. There is a new Regain system that allows players to revert their health back within certain time after a hit.

Upcoming Bloodborne 2

The future of Bloodborne 2 is not clear yet and still is just a gamer’s dream. A short teaser revealed on the Game Awards 2017 feed with hope that the game is fact. The short 13 seconds teasing video clip by From Software doesn’t mention any name, just a tagline – ‘Shadows Die Twice’. Many fans presume that this is a good sign and hopefully Bloodborne II will be fact soon, so fingers crossed.

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