Blackguards 2

Blackguards 2
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Blackguards 2


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Blackguards 2 is a turned based strategy RPG (Role-playing Game) video game developed and released by Daedalic Entertainment. The game brings challenging battles and exciting story filled with violence and  crime. The game is continuation of the Blackguards series.

Blackguards 2 Gameplay

The Blackguards 2 video game is a strategy RPG (SRPG) and many of the rules originate from the famous tabletop game The Dark Eye. The characters movements are based on dice roll and each character can perform one move per turn. Possible movements are: short movement plus action, long movement or just an action. Different characters posses different abilities such as:

  • Archers – can attack from distance
  • Mage – different attack distance based on its powers
  • Spearman – can attack from two spaces away

Blackguards brings challenging battles over hexfield map with nice graphics and filled with strategic decisions. During the game you will have the chance to develop your characters and forge them with unique abilities and inventory.

Blackguards 2 Features

  • Recruit mercenaries and expand your army
  • Find upgrades and improve your characters
  • Lead up to 20 characters
  • A wonderful story with many twists and turns
  • Choose spells, skills and strategy
  • Decide wisely the battle tactics – offensive or defensive mode
  • Interactive environment – walls collapse and new routes revealed


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